Our Values - What do we stand for?

Be Reliable


We never overpromise, we're truthful and authentic. We aim to consistently deliver the promises we make but we're human' we put our hands up when we make a mistake. 

Be Quirky


We don't conform; we find alternative ways of doing things & use an approach that is never boring. We look to chat, be friendly and make people smile!

Be Committed


We come to work to work hard. We focus on getting the job done, but we enjoy it. We look after our customers, our selves and our business and believe a healthy work/life balance is important for it all to work!

We Respect People


We don't hard-sell or force decisions, we treat people as people and not as a sale! Our product is very much 'quality over quantity' and so is our approach to every customer & supplier contact we have. 

We Work as a Team


We're a solid group of individuals who are working in unity by communicating effectively & playing to and understanding eachothers strengths and weaknesses. We achieve more together than we would apart, and that's why you can rely on our team!